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Work in progress...

Three composed pieces I'm working on.

#1: I've been programmed by Musicon in Durham for February 2018 - a 30 minute version of a short (6.5 min) piece I wrote early in 2017. Piano + string quartet, with theatrical elements.

Like a strange dream of meeting Morton Feldman in an Edgar Allen Poe mansion... his Morton's waxy face melting as he leads you down dark corridors with fragments of Chopin echoing through the halls...

#2 I've received funding to create a piece of music based on the growth of embryos. Using short materials written by Newcastle school children, I'm creating a musical work which grows through the same stages and time periods (scaled down!) as a human embryo. The concert (March 11th, Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne) will include a talk and demonstration of how the materials appear, grow and develop and how these relate to things such as limb buds appearing and beginning to sprout fingers and toes...

#3 'Fear Lieder': a semi-staged song cycle for mezzo-soprano and piano. Influenced by David Lynch's 'Rabbits', Poulenc's one-person opera 'La Voix Humaine', and the 1945 horror film 'Dead of Night'.

Written as a 'framing cycle' - like the framing story in 'Dead of Night', in which all the film's vignettes are set. Other composer's songs can be slotted into it, between my songs. Each song is a stage in the Surrealist narrative, which concerns fear, expectation, hysteria, flawed human perspective, and good old telephonophobia...