'A collection of violent impulses'


PROGRAMME NOTE (taken from the score)

“A man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but

to get into accord with them: they are legitimately

what directs his conduct in the world”

- Sigmund Freud

This piece is based on the above quotation from Sigmund Freud, and on the idea that each of us as human beings mentally possesses various complexes, imperfections, ‘uglinesses’, and assorted aggressive and/or violent feelings... which we should not make ‘taboo’ or try to expunge, but accept as part of our human imperfection and integrate. By doing so, we learn when and how it is appropriate to exercise them, so that they do not become repressed or out of control, and to appreciate their part in our make-up. This piece aims to make the violinist’s violence of playing and the intense quality of the material both exciting and acceptable. Overall, with this piece I hope to create a very ‘human’ experience for the player and the audience. The uncertainty of the at times long silences will hopefully also contribute to this.

This piece consists of fragments of musical material (which are generally only linked by their violent intensity) and silences of various lengths. There is quite a lot of choice for the violinist in terms of what to play when, although restrictions on the length of silences, and a number of musical marker points, give the piece its structure.